Eluned Morgan is calling for a National Care Service for Wales during a debate in the National Assembly. The Labour Member for Mid and West Wales says there needs to be a radical re-think on the future of care services for older people and their associated cost.

She explained, “I am calling for the establishment of a National Care Service for Wales which I hope in time will become as loved and appreciated as the NHS.

“A service that will be integral to the health service and work hand in hand with it. We need an overarching framework where people will know what to expect and will receive a quality of service which is consistent across Wales”.

Eluned Morgan is asking for a cross-party consensus and a consensus between generations; and is asking the public to become involved in reflecting on a new funding model, which develops a fair balance between the State and the individual.

“We need to think the unthinkable. None of us know what care we will need in the future. Should we as a society collectively pool the risk as we do with health care? The challenge is how to construct a system that is fair to all generations.

“Report after report has noted that something needs to be done, the amber lights have been flashing for a long time, but they are about to turn red. It’s our responsibility as elected representatives to bring about change on this extremely sensitive issue. It will not go away. We must act now and we must establish the National Care Service for Wales”.

Expanding on her debate in the Senedd on 28 September, Eluned Morgan has written an article outlining the need to establish a National Care Service for Wales which can be read in