• What will Wales be?

    Eluned joined year 9 students from across Carmarthenshire, as they set out their aspirations for Wales and its young people. The special event, held at Yr Egin,…

  • Ahead of ‘Brexit Day’, Eluned visited the Capel Hendre facility to learn more about the company’s preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

    From their Camarthenshire based 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, Team Precision, experts in precision metal tube manipulation and high volume finished assemblies, provide cost effective tubing solutions to a variety of companies including Aston Martin and Bentley.

    Manufacturing, steel production, automotive and aerospace are just some of the sectors which are vital to the healthy economic outlook of Wales.

    The Welsh Government has a number of support incentives in place, including a £6million Brexit Resilience Fund, designed to help Welsh Businesses adapt to changes in a post-Brexit economy.

    Commenting on the visit, Eluned said:

    There is no doubt that some jobs in Wales will shift to the EU as companies look to secure their future interests and trading ability”

    “As a Government, we will continue to identify the steps needed to develop a resilient, advanced manufacturing sector and a workforce with strong, up to date skills to deliver the products and technologies for a connected and sustainable future.”

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    The big talking point over the last week has been about how health services in west Wales might change in the  years ahead. People in #Pembrokeshire and #Carmarthenshire are rightly…

  • Plenary: Universal Credit

    Last Tuesday in the Senedd, Assembly Members from all Parties took a closer look at the Welsh Government’s budget for the next financial year.  Beyond the…

  • DOWNLOAD: Rural Development Plan 2017 below: