Eluned congratulates community champion, Trudy Davies!

Shop-keeper, town councillor and member of the Ladies’ section of the Llanidloes Royal British Legion, Labour’s Trudy Davies has been awarded a regional Community Champion award for her outstanding work.

The Community Champion of the Year award highlights the community values and hard work done by local retailers.

Not just a local business owner, Trudy, of Woosnam & Davies, has dedicated herself to supporting local charities, setting up events and getting involved in fundraising for a variety of causes.

Trudy has been described as “an unwavering role model” whose hard work has made the town a cleaner, friendly place to live.

Commenting on Trudy’s achievement, Eluned said:

“Trudy has been a pillar of the community for over 25 years and I am delighted that she has been recognised for her outstanding work and committment. She works tirelessly within her community, for her community.

“Many of her fantastic initiatives have been taken on by the local council, including the introduction of defibrillators and improvements to the millennium gardens.

“Her efforts and enthusiasm have made a significant difference to the town and its people and I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to her on a well deserved achievement!”

The owner of Woosnam & Davies News said, “I have always been in retail since I was 17 years old. I love retail, meeting, helping and serving people.

“It’s not about just opening the till and handing money out, as small businesses we haven’t got zillions to give away but our time, our shop, our staff, our efforts, our acts of kindness everyday add up to making our community a better place to live I hope”

Eluned pictured earlier this year with Trudy, promoting her Shop Local campaign