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January 2017

“I see 2017 as the start of real possibilities for Wales. One thing which is absolutely clear is that people voted to have more control over their future. Our work now, as politicians is to help lead the way as to what that future might be. For example, on economic development, it’s clear as I go round the region that what works as an economic model nearer the bigger cities, is not necessarily the right model for more rural communities. I’ve been discussing with those I meet – members of our communities, local businesses, Councillors – what a bespoke model for our region might look like.

“Brexit will impact on every man, woman and child in Wales from job opportunities to the price of food in our shops. As politicians we must make sure the UK Government explains how they are going to make up the difference to those who lose out as a result of Brexit, and explain how the Welsh Government’s views will be taken into account during the negotiations. We must also lead the way in ensuring our nation takes full advantage of the opportunities which lie ahead.

“There’s a lot of talent in Wales. Aberystwyth, with its leading university, is ideally placed to come up with innovative solutions for our country’s future. The appointment of the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Elizabeth Treasure who hopefully can help to drive economic development in the area in addition to driving academic excellence, is great news”.