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Space tourists could soon be blasting off from Wales!

Eluned Morgan AM welcomes UK Space Agency’s funding for a space centre in Snowdonia, saying the project had the potential to create high-value Welsh jobs.

The £500,000 of funding is in addition to a £135,000 grant from the Welsh Government to test unmanned aircraft and space planes – it will go towards improving existing facilities, accommodate new tenants and create new skilled jobs.

The AM for Mid & West Wales and Minister for International relations is optimistic that the future looks bright for the Gwynedd site.

The development will feature a world-class research and development facility, building on Llanbedr Airfield’s rich heritage in experimental flight testing.

Commenting on the investment she said,

“This is an exciting time for the space sector in Wales and a real opportunity to take advantage of the commercialisation of space. This funding will help Wales play a significant role in shaping the future space economy and cement our reputation for innovation, creating jobs and strengthening the aerospace supply chain across the country.”

Ms Morgan also welcomed the UK Space Agency’s commitment to working with the Welsh Government to announce new funding for satellite enabled technology and applications to support remote healthcare services in rural Welsh communities.

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